Top Three Pinoy Encyclopedia Sites for Filipinos

August 18, 2009

The popularity of Wikipedia has showed us the importance of collaborative user-generated information on the web. Whenever you want to get information on something, Wikipedia often answers this need.

However, we all know that Wikipedia does not contain everything — and can’t contain everything — especially with its emphasis on “entries only on topics of note” and its habit of “speedy deletion”.

The goal of this list isĀ  to provide the best Pinoy Encyclopedia Sites that can be found on the web as ranked by Google for the month of August.

Top Three Pinoy Encyclopedia for August

1) Noypedia – Noypedia is a Filipino Encyclopedia and is the fruit of our attempts on creating the best Pinoy Encyclopedia for us all. As with our other Noypf apps, we strive to give Pinoys an exciting and authentic Filipino Encyclopedia online.

2) WikiPilipinas – WikiPilipinas is calling all Filipinos worldwide to contribute and share information that is fundamentally Pinoy. Its objective is to propel to be one of the top ten wikis of the world.

3) Pinoy Webpedia – Online encyclopedia of the Philippines. This site is old school and does not seem to be updated for years. (Web 1.0)